TRACS is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to looking after animals.

Helping those that cannot help themselves.

What We Do

Miscellaneous Animal Rescue Project
Through careful screening, this project provides help where none is available. Whether it be food and sterilization for feral cats, medical care and occasionally a forever home for animals that have been abandoned, to helping homeless and low income citizens with the cost of veterinary care.

Rabbit Rescue Project
In 2008, an epidemic of free roaming rabbits was created when domestic pets were abandoned. Under contract with the City of Kelowna, TRACS humanely trapped over 800 rabbits. The bunnies were sterilized to avoid further overpopulation, and moved to specialized sanctuaries where they are provided food, shelter, veterinary care and socialization. These sanctuaries are run solely by volunteers who rely on a number of local veterinarians specializing in exotic animals to keep the bunnies healthy and happy.

Our goal is to give people the knowledge and resources to make educated and responsible decisions regarding animal welfare. We endeavor to build empathy in children and adults in regards to animal welfare issues and provide information on projects we support.

The TRACS team is trained and dedicated to animal welfare in times of emergencies when domestic animals are in need of rescue and shelter. We work with the Animal Lifeline Emergecy Response Team (ALERT), who is dedicated to animal welfare through the preparation for the actual rescue and shelter of domestic animals in a disaster.

TRACS is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to looking after animals.

All they need is love...