Working Together for a Common Cause – TRACS and Critteraid

Working Together for a Common Cause – TRACS and Critteraid

Contributed by Jenny Hildebrand | Photo Credits: Critteraid

Salsa and Sierra Link

You may remember in 2012 we brought you the story of Salsa and Sierra Link. When their owner, an avid TRACS member, passed away she left behind five beloved cats. Three were adopted out, but Salsa and Sierra were a bit on the feral side. TRACS tried to find them a loving home to no avail, and so called on the expertise of Critteraid Cat Sanctuary. Although space was limited and they generally did not take in feral cats, we were very happy they said they would take the girls on to help us out. Salsa and Sierra were caught (they were still living in the house) and moved to the sanctuary where the two charities worked together with Critteraid doing the hands on work and TRACS paying food, boarding and vet bills. The volunteers at Critteraid spent endless hours gaining the trust of the cats and soon two very different personalities emerged.

When asked about how Salsa is doing the reply from Critteraid is:

Salsa Link“Salsa truly is a lovely girl. When we got her she did not seem to know how to love or trust humans. We are very happy with her progress, and she has learned to put herself out there for treats and snuggles. She especially loves when we whisper in her ear what a beautiful girl she is and then follow with a treat. I know for a fact she loves her life at the Sanctuary and enjoys the outside space and the company of her roomies. She keeps to herself mostly, but does like the companionship of the others. She is loved very much and her health is good. She still has an attitude, but that is all part of her quirky self!”

Sierra was the more feral of the two and when she first arrived at the cat sanctuary would hide in the cupboards with her ears plastered to her head in fear. One special volunteer slowly befriended her and eventually she came out of hiding, and her true personality took flight.

Sadly on April 4. 2017, little Sierra was helped across the rainbow bridge. Her health issues finally caught up with her and her little body had just had enough.

When asked about Sierra’s life the reply was:

Sierra Link“Sierra embraced a life at Critteraid full of love and complete devotion. It started with the patience and persistence of one volunteer who finally managed to convince her that love feels fantastic. The real magic started when the Animal Director stole her heart. Last year she got to the point where she figured out that if she looked a certain way or meowed, she had every volunteer running for whatever she fancied. Her
favorite spot was in the common area in a beautiful snuggly cat bed on top of the warm dryer. Her bad knees prevented her from walking too much so she preferred to be picked up and snuggled. We are better for having her in our lives.”

We are so very grateful that we were able to work with Critteraid to give the girls the chance to live out their lives warm, happy, and surrounded by love.

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