‘Tis the Season…Shopping with a Conscience

~ by Cyndy Mymka ~

This year when frantically shopping I urge you to make some considerations when making purchases for yourself and your loved ones. This year I have endeavoured to do more shopping, both for myself and others, “with a conscience”. By that I mean I have been purchasing fair trade, as well as cruelty free products. It is becoming easier and easier to find these products out there. I have also been taking a bit of extra time to speak with the shop keepers about these types of products. These days there seems to be more of a consciousness around shopping with ethics in mind, and I believe that the more we shop with this type of a mind set, and encourage others to as well, the more the shop keepers, and merchants will do their buying with that in mind.

I have had a lot of compliments on a bracelet that I purchased this summer. It was purchased at a local store that brought them in from Uganda. They were made by women learning the art of making paper beads, which are made into beautiful bracelets. All the proceeds go back to these ladies who are learning the skill.

I admit that I have an addiction to handbags and have purchased a few that look and feels like leather but are Vegan. They are made by two different companies Espe, and Matt & Nat. The bags are very fashionable and I get many compliments on them. I use this as an opportunity to tell people about shopping cruelty free.

I’ve also bought a few sweaters that are made by women in Thailand who are learning the skill of knitting, and again they are fair trade, and fair wage.

All these purchases have been made in Kelowna, and are supporting local businesses, and at the same time helping others around the world to have better lives and saving the lives of many beautiful animals.

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