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Alert: PMU Foals at Risk!

URGENT NEWS from the Animali Farm Nov 22nd, 2006 http://www.theanimalifarm.com/ Winter has come early in Alberta and that’s bad news for the mares and foals living on PMU ranches there. No longer needed for the production of hormone replacement therapy drugs, these equines need a place to go, and fast. Because there is not enough… Read more

Press Release: PMU Horses in Danger of Slaughter

From United Animal Nations FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Second major Wyeth “layoff” puts tens of thousands of horses in danger of slaughter. UAN calls upon pharmaceutical giant to act responsibly, offers adoption Web site as alternative. CONTACT: Alexis Raymond, United Animal Nations, (916) 429-2457 or (916) 204-3831 ——————————————————————————– SACRAMENTO, CA (April 26, 2005) Upon learning that… Read more

Stories: The Story of Molly

By Kathy M. Sabin In the summer of 2002 I received an e-mail from a friend, asking anyone who could, ……. to help. I read the message and decided to look into things a little further. I got in touch with Sinikka Crosland, from Canada, who was the listed contact person. She told me that… Read more