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When Vegan Really Isn’t

borrowed from various sources In the world of nutrition and ingredients, things are not always what they seem. We are so used to seeing random ingredients on the labels of our foods that we don’t even pay too much attention to them anymore. Here are a few examples of ingredients that are not so vegan… Read more

Cosmetics Testing in Canada

borrowed from Animal Alliance of Canada Q: What does “cruelty-free” mean in relation to cosmetics? A: A cruelty-free cosmetics company is one that has eliminated animal testing at all levels of production as of a “fixed cut-off date.” This must apply not only to the finished products that consumers purchase, but also to each and… Read more

‘Tis the Season…Shopping with a Conscience

~ by Cyndy Mymka ~ This year when frantically shopping I urge you to make some considerations when making purchases for yourself and your loved ones. This year I have endeavoured to do more shopping, both for myself and others, “with a conscience”. By that I mean I have been purchasing fair trade, as well… Read more

Make it a New Year’s resolution – Shop Cruelty Free

Animal Testing We can all agree that the idea of companies, universities, etc testing their products on animals is unnecessary and barbaric, yet many still do. When shopping, the question to be asked is “has this product been tested on animals?” or “does this company test on animals?” Taking a moment to do a Google… Read more