Stories: Our Little Boo-Berry

Stories: Our Little Boo-Berry

Little Boo

Last February a TRACS volunteer stopped by the SPCA to speak with one of the staff. She was immediately taken into the small animal room and shown a very unhappy guinea pig. The poor little guy was an owner surrender. When he arrived his nails were severely over grown as were his teeth, and he was severely emaciated. The Guinea Pig had been taken to a veterinarian who prescribed frequent syringe feeding in an attempt to bring him back to health. This however posed a problem, as there was no one able to feed at night after the shelter was closed.

Without a second thought the volunteer said she would take him home. The story she tells is heartwarming ….

“He was the sweetest little guy, so anxious for his syringe food. I have never seen a guinea pig so excited to eat before, although the 2 am feedings were not popular with me. “

Boo eating
Boo eating normally

The wee piggie was named Boo and every day the volunteer took him to work with her to continue the syringe feedings. Gradually fruits and veggies were introduced to Boo’s diet. Although not an overnight process, he was eventually able to eat pellets as well.

During these daily work visits a staff member found Boo had wormed his way into her heart. She spent time with him on her lunch breaks, and started asking about his adoption. In May once Boo was given a clean bill of health, he became a member of the Barton family. They love him dearly, spoil him rotten, and love to hear his squeaking every time the fridge door opens or a plastic bag crinkles.

Boo and Benny
Boo and Benny

Boo’s new family also have a 4 year old Dwarf Lion head Rabbit named Benny who was adopted thru TRACS a year before. Benny and Boo love to play together, groom each other, and generally just hang out.

We are so happy to have been able to help this little unwanted sickly guinea pig find his forever home….and the volunteer assures us that all those 2 am feedings were well worth it!

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