Rabbits and Heatstroke

Heat can be very dangerous for rabbits. They are very susceptible to heat stroke and because they are prey animals and will hide symptoms as long as they can. It is important to observe your rabbit/s daily.

Watch out for the signs of overheating in your bunny:

Weakness/Slow movement
Acting Confused
Reddening of the ears

If your rabbit exhibits any of these symptoms begin misting their ears with cool water and Immediately call your vet. DO NOT EVER submerge your rabbit in cold water as this can cause shock.

Safety Tips

To help prevent this condition in your pet rabbit, here are several indoor/outdoor tips to help keep your bunny cool in high temperatures:

  • WATER! Provide plenty of cool fresh water. You can add an ice cube or two.
  • WET VEGGIES! Give plenty of them to keep bunny hydrated. Leave a bit of water on them after rinsing to add to water intake.
  • Set up a fan that will blow past the rabbit without blowing directly on him. Be sure to bunny proof any electrical cords.
  • Run an air conditioner in the room where the bunny lives, but be careful of extreme temperature changes.
  • Move bunny to a cooler part of the house, like the basement, during hot days.
  • Open windows to provide a breeze.
  • Fill large plastic soda bottles with water and freeze them. Wrap in towel and place in cage. (do not let frozen bottle directly touch sensitive skin) A bunny can relax against or near them for relief.
  • Provide an area for your bunny that is out of direct sunlight. A little shade can make a big difference in temperature.
  • Brush out any loose fur regularly.
  • Stone or ceramic tiles provide a nice cool feeling on bunny bellies.
  • Mist his ears to keep them cool, since heat dissipates through a rabbit’s ears. Never get the ears completely wet, a little mist will do.
  • A cool damp towel draped over an area where they hang out, such as a cage. Make sure it is not dripping on the rabbit.

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