Please Help a Herd of At-Risk Horses!

Please Help a Herd of At-Risk Horses!

We are currently assisting with a rescue of semi-wild horses in Vernon, B.C. These animals are at risk of starvation or being sent for slaughter.

It all began with a local rancher’s testimony:

“I saw a two year old horse who had escaped in the spring with a halter on. The owner had attempted without success to catch her. This young mare could barely open her mouth enough to lick a salt block. The halter had carved a 1.5 inch gash in her nose and under her jaw. She was pawing the ground in pain. Her ribs were showing and I knew that she did not have much longer to live. With the owner’s approval, I organized resources to bring her in for treatment. Further, the man is working with me willingly to place other horses belonging to him. He can no longer take care of the 40 horses he has.”

The young mare has now been treated by the veterinarian, and he assures us that she will make a full recovery. She has been adopted out to a caring home. Further, TRACS is providing funding to help with veterinary care for as many animals as possible, including sterilization of stallions and vaccinations and deworming.

At this time, about half of the herd has been placed. However, we would like to be able to assist with the financial challenge of halter training all of the horses and covering feed and farrier bills as well as additional veterinary costs.

A monetary donation would help to cover feed, deworming medication, vaccinations, veterinary and training costs. Donations of hay or grain would also be gladly accepted.

Anyone interested in adopting a horse may call Carol at 250-503-8859 or Carla at 250-542-1832. Adoption fees range from $250-$500. Experienced handlers required.

Thank you on behalf of the horses!

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