Feral Rabbit Relocation Program

March 2008

Kelowna’s feral bunnies are at risk.

Under pressure from some local businesses and orchardists, several Kelowna councillors suggested the idea of lethal management as a tool to control the growing population of European rabbits within the city and regional district.

TRACS, backed up by a rather large team of committed volunteers, responded. We launched a Feral Rabbit Relocation Program and obtained a permit from the Ministry of Environment to relocate and sterilize the bunnies. We have constructed secure pens on an acreage belonging to a rural family. Pending inspection and approval by the Ministry, we will begin the process of moving captured, sterilized rabbits to these roomy enclosures, where they will have access to food, fresh water, and straw-filled hutches. Accustomed to the “free life”, these endearing, personable animals will still have lots of room to exercise and socialize with one another, yet will benefit from greatly minimized safety risks in terms of predation, being hit by cars, poisoned, beaten to death, or victimized in any way. Veterinary care will be provided as needed.

To date (March 2008), 67 rabbits have come into our care. As soon as these rabbits can be re-homed into our sanctuary, more can be trapped and taken to local veterinarians for sterilization.

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Bunny Residents of Kelowna

bunny 1 - feral rabbit relocation program

bunny 2 - feral rabbit relocation program
Photo credits: Louise Adams

bunny 3 - feral rabbit relocation program

Feral Rabbit Rescue Team
Feral Rabbit Rescue Team
Photo credit: Chantelle Devost
Bunny catchers strategizing
Bunny catchers strategizing
Photo credit: Chantelle Devost

Success! Bunnies in Foster Home

Bunnies in Foster Home
Photo credit: Chantelle Devost
Bunnies in Foster Home
Photo credit: Chantelle Devost

Media Coverage

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Bouquets of Appreciation

In addition to the many, many individual volunteers and families helping out, we are deeply grateful to the following local businesses that have stepped up to the plate to be a part of a humane solution for Kelowna’s rabbits:

Alpine Pet Hospital


Harmony Honda

Westbank Animal Care Hospital

Tamarack Bed & Breakfast

On Trax Excavating

Total Pet

Okanagan Humane Society

Critteraid &
CDART (Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team:
the emergency animal rescue division of Critteraid)

OK Builders Supplies Ltd.


HRS – www.rabbit.org

Nature’s Fare Markets


Premier Canadian Properties

Accent Homes