New Digs for Bunnies

New Digs for Bunnies

As you may remember, TRACS rescued over 800 Rabbits off the streets of Kelowna in 2008. These rabbits were due to be culled, but thanks to a partnership with the City, TRACS was able to trap them, provided medical attention where needed, foster care and sterilization. Once able they were released into sanctuaries to live their lives safe, warm and out of harm’s way.

The largest of these sanctuaries houses just over 400 rabbits. The pens in which the bunnies were placed were originally built on a shoestring budget as a temporary solution. As the years went by they were in constant need of repairs. It became apparent that new pens would need to be built. As you can imagine building new pens for that many bunnies can be very expensive and time consuming. Our first phase of replacement pens was built with funds from generous donors as well as some heavy fundraising done by volunteers. The pens were erected solely by hardworking volunteers. Once the first phase was complete it became apparent that we had no funds or manpower for the 2nd phase.

Then our prayers were answered! TRACS received a grant from the Vancouver Foundation. The grant was allotted for building materials and labor for our 2nd phase of pens.

The Vancouver Foundation helps build more vibrant and resilient communities in BC. They do this by harnessing the gifts of energy, ideas, time, and money from caring citizens to make meaningful lasting impacts. They are Canada’s largest community foundation and have been investing in communities since 1943.

The 2nd phase of our bunny pens started in May 2012 and had the bunnies into their new homes at the end of August. This would never have been possible without a ton of help from the community. The amount of work involved from planning to execution was immense. Then came ground preparation, framing, building, and lastly, growing grass in the bunnies new outdoor playground where they can nap in the sun and nibble on grass as they please.

We would like to thank all those who helped us in any way, shape, or form. From grading equipment, rock, dirt, and dump trailers. Moving things from here, to there, no back again, digging ditches, weeding and hauling wheelbarrows full of dirt, the support was immeasurable. We would like to send out our deepest gratitude to everyone ….without you we could not have done it!

But of course first and foremost is the property owner who not only has allowed us to build this wonderful sanctuary on her land, but with the help of another bunny helper, feeds and waters the bunnies daily. They are our “Bunny Angels” and none of this would be possible without their help and extraordinarily large hearts.

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