Message from the Board September 2016

Message from the Board September 2016

kitty-peekFirst, we would like to apologize for our “summer” newsletter getting to you in what is almost “fall”. As always with lots of animals to care for and never enough volunteers, we have been stretched thin, thus making the newsletter a work in progress.

In this latest version you will find a variety of reading material. We had a great start to our spring with an exciting fundraising event as well as have suffered some big losses in the first half of 2016. In this issue we would like to share the happy and the sad we faced in this journey called, “animal rescue”.

Within a year of starting our Rabbit Rescue Project in 2008, we had trapped and given sanctuary to just over 800 rabbits. With most of our beloved bunnies now being between 7 – 9 years old, this has been a particularly hard year. We are seeing more “old age” diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and kidney issues and our medical care has turned to hospice care in many cases. Every year we seem to lose just a couple more than the last. This is hard for all of us as each little bunny has a special personality and place in our hearts.

Having said that, we have had a few new faces join us at the East Kelowna sanctuary, and still have just under 350 rabbits remaining in our care. We will continue to give them our best until it is their time to hop across the bridge, and in return we receive snuggles, nose kisses and binkies when the bananas are served.

We hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter.

Cathy, Cheryl, Cyndy, Jenny, Laila

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