Make it a New Year’s resolution – Shop Cruelty Free

Animal Testing

We can all agree that the idea of companies, universities, etc testing their products on animals is unnecessary and barbaric, yet many still do. When shopping, the question to be asked is “has this product been tested on animals?” or “does this company test on animals?”

Taking a moment to do a Google search and familiarizing yourself with companies that do still test on animals, and more importantly those that don’t will go a long way in making you think twice when choosing your products. Peta has a very in-depth section on this which includes companies that do and do not test on animals. You will be surprised at what you find. Go to:

New Year’s resolution?

TRACS would like to challenge you for the new year to do the research to find out who sells true cruelty free products in your community, and then to shop for those products. It may take a bit more of your time, but will go a long way to end the cruelty.

If you can spare some time pen or e-mail a letter to the companies who are cruelty free and thank them for their ethical stand on this, but also pen or e-mail the companies who still choose to test on animals. Express your concerns as well as let them know that you have chosen not to purchase their products, and will not until they change their practices. All living beings have a right to a better quality of life. Together our voice will be heard.


One of our volunteers writes: “This year in particular I have made a conscious effort to look into what I purchase, for instance, who makes the product, and am I shopping cruelty free. Some products are more obvious than others, I found myself walking in the mall a week or so ago, and being completely disgusted by the amount of fur products in the shop windows… I went into one shop and asked if the items were real, or faux fur (beware, faux is not always the case as stated-often if made in China it will be dog or cat) the young lady in the shop informed me that some was real and some was faux fur. We had a brief but hopefully meaningful conversation on what the animals went through before and during their death to make these products, the products that this store have chosen to promote. I also expressed to her that I would no longer shop in their store until they no longer sold products with fur.”

We challenge you to follow suit, as the more stores that are boycotted, the sooner they might get the point…We will not go into detail, as most of us are aware of the horrors, but rather here are some interesting websites if you would like further information on the Fur Industry.

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