In Loving Memory Spring 2017

In Loving Memory Spring 2017

BillIn our last newsletter we told you about the passing of Zero, one of the precious dogs living on the property which houses our largest rabbit sanctuary. We also told you about Bill who was Zero’s best friend and cohort. When Zero passed, Bill started to age just a little bit faster and it is with sadness we report that he was helped across the rainbow bridge on February 26, 2017. It was a very hard day for everyone and saying goodbye to our big boy was heart wrenching. All the dogs at the sanctuary have become part of our TRACS family and Bill and Zero will forever be in our hearts. We see them around every corner and miss our time with them immensely.

Bill, a large shepherd cross, was the leader of the pack. He had an old, wise soul and the most understanding eyes. He was very tolerant of the antics of the other dogs, but when someone was out of line he stepped in and straightened things out. It was amazing to watch the amount of respect shown to him by his pack.

Bill was also a wonderful friend to every one of us. He would come and stand beside you pushing his entire weight against you to stop Bill sittingyou from moving until he decided you were done scratching behind his ears.

Lying atop his dirt mound beside the bunny pens he watched over the farm and us for as long as we were there. Then he would make his way back to the house to be with his family.

Bill was an amazing soul and is missed dearly.

Louis the BeagleLittle Louie the Beagle, who was adopted from a rescue himself, has now taken over as bunny guard. He came to be a good friend to Bill and looked up to his big brother. They could often be seen sitting side by side Watching over the farm.

Louie learned from the best and although easily distracted he is doing a good job.


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