Helping the Homeless

Helping the Homeless

Two of our volunteers forwarded this story of a wonderful experience they had recently. It once again shows that every little thing counts.

Today we dropped off a car load of blankets, socks, clothes etc at Gospel Mission. We also took one of my old couch cushions to see if it would be of any use to anyone or to be used in the kennels they have at the back for the dogs.

We were still unloading the car and had just brought out the cushion to ask the man in charge if it was useful to them. He said no. Just then a young woman walked by with her dog and overheard our conversation. She asked if she could have the cushion for her dog.

She went on to say that she is allowed to take her dog into her bed with her at night at Inn from the Cold. During the day the Inn is closed so she moves over to the Gospel Mission, but the dog is not allowed in. That is why the kennels have been built in the back.

She was grateful for the thick cushion and that “her boy” was now off the cold concrete. She said that she had ample food for him and always made sure that the other dogs also always had food. She proudly announced that she that had turned her life around and was living one day at a time with the help of her boy. She had gone to church for the first time today, and told us her 27th birthday is on Boxing Day. She also said that “her boy” helped her through everything.

I will be meeting her again at Inn from the Cold with the other cushions from my old couch and she will see that the other dog owners get one as well. For us it was an experience we will not soon forget.


Grateful recipient of cushion and blankets
Grateful recipient of cushion and blankets


How can you help?

Perhaps a dog coat or some dog food for the homeless?

Even a small gesture helps in a very large way.

Why do homeless people have pets?

Some of the leading reasons for the homeless having companion animals are:

Companion Animals Provide:
Love and companionship · Unconditional Acceptance · Steady affection

Companion Animals are:
Non-judgmental · Loyal · Committed

They give their owners:
Sense of purpose, responsibility and accountability · A reason for being

But can a homeless person provide the care needed for a pet??

Most homeless people with companion animals give them wonderful lives. Dogs for example are with their owner 24/7, eat and drink before their owners, go to the park everyday and are extremely loved.

Can this be said for the dog whose owner chains him in the backyard while they go to work daily and comes home too tired to give the exercise and attention needed???

Food for thought

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