Happy Endings: Joey & Peanut, Willow, Lola & Daisy

Happy Endings: Joey & Peanut, Willow, Lola & Daisy

lola-and-daisyWe are pleased to announce that Lola and Daisy have found a new home together.

The two sisters have a very strong bond and needed to stay together. They now have a new loving home that they share with Alex their new brother. Lola and Daisy were adopted for Alex Bunny as he
was lonely after his mate died. “It’s like they always have known and loved each other” was the comment made by the proud bunny parents.

For Lola & Daisy their dream really has come true.

Joey, Peanut & BernieJOEY & PEANUT
Joey and Peanut have found their forever home together and now have a new big brother named Bernie. Their personalities shine through in their daily adventures and their new mom is smitten.

Willow AdoptedWILLOW
Their sister Willow has also found her forever home with a family that lovingly refers to her as “Our Little Girl”. She has a new BFF named C.C. that she bonded with right away. The two spend countless hours playing and napping together.

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