Sponsor A Bunny

On this page you will find just a few of the many rabbits which were rescued off the streets of Kelowna where they faced certain death. With your help they made their way to one of our bunny sanctuaries where they are living happy lives with minimized safety risks and lots of room to exercise and socialize with one another.

Your donations helped build large pens for these bunnies who were spayed and neutered before being released into their new homes. In addition to shelter from both heat and cold, they have access to food, fresh water, and veterinary care.The maintenance costs for their care are substantial and ongoing.

How can your sponsorship help the bunnies?

Amount What it Buys Benefit
$5.00 Lettuce Feeds 10 bunnies their favorite food for 1 week
$8.00 1 Bale of Hay Provides important nutrients for 10 Bunnies for one month
$10.00 1 Bale of Straw Provides bedding and warmth for 10 Bunnies for one month
$15.00 1 Bag of Pellets Feeds 10 bunnies for 1 week
$20.00 1 Large Hutch Shelters 10 Bunnies year round from heat and cold
$35.00 1 visit to the Vet Eliminates pain and suffering
$250.00 Builds 1 Pen Provides security for 40 rabbits or 4 families

Meet our Bunnies!