All TRACS programs are funded by donations, fundraising and grants. A very small portion of these funds are used for administration leaving almost 100% going directly to the animals.


Single Gifts

You can help an animal in need today with a one-time gift – your donation will provide food, shelter and veterinary care. Click below to give a one-time gift today through PayPal.

During the checkout process, you can tell us how/where you’d like us to spend your donation.

Kitten picking a present

Monthly Gifts

You can help with the day to day cost of taking care of the animals with your monthly donation. Set this up through PayPal below, or snail mail us postdated cheques.

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Sponsor a Bunny

Be a Bunny’s best friend and provide the steady support they need with a gift every month. Click here to learn more, and meet the bunnies available to sponsor!