Bunnies make bad gifts

Story by Madison Erhardt – Apr 11, 2017 on Castanet

Many people think the perfect Easter gift is a bunny, but Cyndy Mymka says it’s best to stick with chocolate.

Mymka is the president of The Responsible Animal Care Society.

TRACS says it’s important to think through adopting a pet – they shouldn’t be bought on impulse.

“People will purchase baby bunnies, and rabbits for Easter, and then three or four months down the road the two bunnies have babies and they are left caring for seven instead of one or two,” Mymka said.

She stresses that rabbits require a lot of care and attention.

“You may not hear them bark or purr, but rabbits want to be picked up and cuddled,” she said.

if you feel the need to have a furry friend, but don’t have the time, it’s best to volunteer at an animal shelter.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a bunny, but it is important to think about the ramifications. They are great pets and can definitely make a family happy,” Mymka said.

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