Blooming Baskets for Bunnies 2013

Blooming Baskets for Bunnies 2013

These Beautiful Hanging Flower Baskets will be supplied to us by Bylands Nursery. They will be delivered to a designated location on a date determined by Bylands in order to ensure the baskets are well established and healthy before delivery. The delivery date will be set for approximately the weekend before Mothers Day in May.

Pre-order your basket for the special price of only $30.00.

You will be notified 1 – 2 weeks prior to delivery of specific location and time for your basket pickup.

For any inquires please email:

Please note: At time of delivery the baskets will not be blooming. This is to ensure a longer blooming season. The baskets will be an “Okanagan Blend” made with a variety both sun and shade flowers.

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Blooming Baskets for Bunnies

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