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Article credit and link to original: Wade-Patterson Kelowna Capital News Published July 26, 2012

It was tough to drive down Enterprise Way in 2008 without seeing tens—if not hundreds—of rabbits.

Some liked the hopping animals but several businesses found them to be a nuisance.

To save the creatures from being killed, The Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS) stepped in and transferred over 800 rabbits to sanctuaries throughout the community.

TRACS found out Tuesday that one of those sanctuaries is being sold; therefore, the clock is ticking for the society to transfer 50 rabbits to a new safe environment.

“We absolutely have to find something,” said Cyndy Mymka, president of TRACS.

“We don’t want to break up the group because they are bonded with each other.”

Ideally, TRACS is hoping that someone with an acreage who loves animals will step up to the plate.

All the rabbits are sterilized and TRACS has agreed to cover all food and veterinary bills.

“What we need is somebody who is willing to feed, water and keep an eye on the bunnies on a daily basis and then clean once a week.”

TRACS has until Oct. 1 to move the bunnies off of the property.

According to Mymka, the other 750 rabbits are distributed on seven different sanctuaries throughout the community. Most are healthy and have received proper attention over the past four years.

She added that there’s only been one other situation since the rabbits were saved that TRACS had to relocate one of the herds.

TRACS is made up of about 30 volunteers. According to Mymka, the majority of its funding comes from donations.

To help out with TRACS’ request, or for more information about the situation, call 250-763-8214 or email


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