Alert: PMU Foals at Risk!

URGENT NEWS from the Animali Farm
Nov 22nd, 2006

Winter has come early in Alberta and that’s bad news for the mares and foals living on PMU ranches there. No longer needed for the production of hormone replacement therapy drugs, these equines need a place to go, and fast.

Because there is not enough grass to leave the animals on pasture, several of the PMU ranchers have decided to wean their foals at the end of the month. Any foals who have not been adopted by November 30, 2006, will be sent to auction and an uncertain fate.

The California-based Animali Farm is working hard to find good adoptive homes for the more than 100 foals and mares facing the November 30 deadline. If you can give one of these equines a second chance, or if you would like additional information, please visit Animali Farm or email You can also call them directly at (805) 938-0174.

If you cannot adopt a horse, please forward this email to all of your horse friends. The only way to get these babies adopted is to get the word out to enough people, and we need your help to do it.

Thank you so much for caring.

[From The Animali Farm, in conjunction with the ASPCA]

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