Adoption Centre update Aug. 2014

Adoption Centre update Aug. 2014

We are happy to say that we do not have any Furry Friends looking for homes right at the moment.

Having said that…Just in…a Bushel of Bunnies!

Due to strict bylaws in Kelowna concerning rabbits, we longer see many needing saving in Kelowna. Recently we did receive an urgent plea from West Kelowna. As a rule we do not venture to that side of the bridge, but this case was different it was obvious a male and female rabbit were abandoned and carried on to do what bunnies do best. They along with all their babies were living on a busy street corner. The babies were being run over by cars regularly.

After 2 weeks of continuous trapping we are pleased to say that almost the entire family is out of danger and safe. We have humanely trapped Mom, older sister from a previous litter, 6 babies around 1.5 months old and 5 babies just 3 weeks old with the smallest baby weighing only 6 oz. Dad is still at large, but not for long as we are actively trying to outwit him.

Once the babies are old enough (3-4 mos) they will be spay/neutered and will be looking for forever homes. Please watch for updates on both this website and our Facebook page as we will be needing lots of loving homes for these cuties.

Bunnies August 2014Abandonment: Be part of the solution. "I am a forever pet. If you can't give me forever, then I am not for you." It really is that simple.

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