Performing and Exotic Animals

Wild and Exotic Animals in circuses are history here in Kelowna, BC!

Wild and exotic animals in circuses became history in Kelowna, B.C., in 1999…and then a more specific “Prohibited Animals Bylaw” was enacted in this city and some of its outlying areas in 2003.

Kelowna’s Wild and Exotic Prohibition Bylaw was adopted in March 1999. This legislation was further tightened up via the enactment of a Prohibited Animals Bylaw (No. 1028) on September 29, 2003, which prohibits the ownership, breeding, and sale of certain species of exotic animals. Under this bylaw, some City and Regional District-approved facilities may be exempted (sanctuaries and educational centres). Roadside zoos and travelling circuses would not be allowed to set up shop in most areas of Kelowna, nor in the communities of Westbank and Peachland.

Why We Oppose Wild Animals in Circuses

Cruelty and abuse is inherent in the circus business. Wild animals used in circuses and other travelling acts are routinely subjected to months on the road confined in small, barren cages. These animals often live in filthy and dilapidated enclosures or chained in one position for the majority of the day. They have no chance to move, let alone express their full range of natural behaviours. They cannot socialize with other members of their species. Seasonal or temporary circus employees often have little or no experience caring for such animals. Trainers often use excessive and abusive training methods to establish and maintain the control necessary to make animals perform tricks. The constant travel, the constant confinement, the abusive training techniques and the unnatural living conditions are unacceptable in our modern enlightened society.

Does the Circus Still Come to your Town?

You can help stop this animal cruelty and abuse in your community. Contact us if you would like an information package on how your community can say no to circuses. Support only cruelty-free entertainment that is fun and entertaining for everyone! Don’t go to animal circuses. Write letters to local media complaining about cruelty in circuses. Lobby for a ban on animal circuses in your community. Organize peaceful protests. Speak for the animals. Educate the public about why they shouldn’t support animal circuses. Refuse to support charities that sponsor animal circuses and tell them why.