TRACS has been involved in many programs over the years…


In 2005 our “youth arm” successfully brought the issue of dissection alternatives to the attention of School District #23.

2005: Dissection

Stop Animal Violence

In response to cat mutilations and rabbit killings in our community, we launched a reward fund, SAVE (Stop Animal Violence Early). This fund further encouraged witnesses to come forth with evidence of cruelty to livestock animals, including animal welfare violations during loading/transport and in feedlots and slaughterhouses.


TRACS has also met with the City of Kelowna regarding humane initiatives for addressing problems with resident and migratory Canada geese in our valley. We have communicated with Kelowna City Parks, Canadian Wildlife Service, and international animal welfare organizations over habitat modification initiatives that would help to minimize the problem of human/goose conflicts.


In 2008 a few abandoned rabbits quickly multiplied into a community of nearly 2000 free roaming rabbits.  These rabbits were living on the streets of  Kelowna.  Complaints were filed with the City by some local businesses and orchardists.

In response, several Kelowna councillors suggested the idea of lethal management as a tool to control the growing population of European rabbits within the city and regional district.

This decision was not well received by the public and TRACS launched a Feral Rabbit Relocation Program and obtained a permit from the Ministry of Environment to relocate and sterilize the bunnies. We saved over 800 rabbits from the streets of Kelowna.

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TRACS has rescued hundreds of at-risk horses from auctions and feedlots, and under a strict contract (which follows an animal for life) have secured well-screened adoptive homes for them. On a national level, we support strong legislation to shield Canada’s equines from slaughter.

2011: Calgary Stampede tragedies
Horse Protection Initiatives
Horse Adoptions and Stories
2007: Jack’s Adoption Story
2007: Horses for Adoption June 2005 – all adopted now
2004: Press Release: Canadians on Horse Slaughter
2003: Feedlot Rescue

PMU (Pregnant Mares’ Urine) Industry

2006: Alert: PMU Foals at Risk
2005: PMU – Pregnant Mare’s Urine
2005: Press Release: PMU Horses in Danger of Slaughter
2003: The Story of Molly
2002: PMU Foal Caravan
         September UpdateOctober Update

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2005: Seal Hunt
2005: Vivisection
2003: Fire Affected Wildlife Needs (FAWN)
2003: Performing and Exotic Animals