About Us

Download TRACS Brochure (PDF)
Download TRACS Brochure (PDF)

An Okanagan-based charitable organization, TRACS was formed in 1994 after a local issue of horse neglect prompted a small group of neighbours in Upper Glenrosa to launch a petitioning effort on behalf of these animals. The starving, emaciated horses involved were eventually seized and re-homed. Responding to an urgent, ongoing need for animal protection in our community, the neighbours formed an official group. TRACS became a non-profit society in December 1994 and a registered charity in 1995.

Today, our growing organization has local, national and international supporters, and we strive to protect all species of animals, both domestic and wild, as well as the habitat that they share.

Our Mission

TRACS is dedicated to the kind and compassionate treatment of all living beings. In addition to hands-on rescue work and crisis intervention, we actively promote public awareness in areas where animals are exploited for profit, abused, or denied natural conditions.

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Financial Summary

All TRACS programs are funded by donations, fundraising and grants. A very small portion of these funds are used for administration leaving almost 100% going directly to the animals.