A Huge Victory!

A controversial cosmetic surgery for dogs is no longer allowed in BC!

The College of Veterinarians of BC has banned ear cropping. Veterinarians caught ear cropping can lose their licence, be fined, or be charged with animal cruelty.

The practice of ear cropping is outdated and cruel. It is removing part of the dog’s ear so it stands up in a triangle shape. This is done with breeds like Dobermans, Pit Bulls and Boxers.

It was done centuries ago on dogs used for hunting or to protect livestock. The surgery was also done on fighting dogs. The thinking was this would stop predators or opponents from grabbing onto the dog’s ear and killing the animal. Today there is no reason for this barbaric ritual. Ear cropping is basically amputating a limb, a part of an animal purely for cosmetic reasons.

It is also thought that ear cropping can affect a dog’s ability to communicate. Dogs are very expressive and they get a lot of signals by reading each other’s ears. There is some literature out there that suggests that dogs who have cropped ears give mixed signals, which can end up being problematic.

More good news…
The Canadian Kennel Club currently requires show dogs of certain breeds to have cropped ears to participate, but says it is working on changing rules to allow dogs who haven’t had the procedure to participate.

Unfortunately tail docking is still allowed, which is equally cruel. The BC SPCA and the College of Veterinarians of BC hope to move on to that surgery next.

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