75 rabbits in need of new home

Article credit and link to original: Okanagan Sunday staff – Kelowna Daily Courier July 21, 2013

Remember those 800 rabbits that were taken off the streets of Kelowna in 2008 and are now living in sanctuaries?

Well, 75 of them are in urgent need of a new permanent home.

The Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS), the volunteer group that’s been providing shelter, food and veterinary care for the critters, is a bit overwhelmed.

Ideally, it would like to find a caring someone with acreage that can accommodate a big rabbit pen.

TRACS will cover costs related to building the pen, feeding the animals, veterinary care and health checks.

In turn, the caretaker has to be willing to take on the three- to five-year commitment and be responsible for feeding and watering the rabbits, as well as cleaning and maintaining the pen.

Don’t worry about the rabbits multiplying like, um, rabbits. All have been spayed or neutered.

“This is an opportunity to work with these amazing creatures that will provide you with much love and laughter,” writes TRACS’ Cyndy Mymka in the news release making the plea. “All have their own little personalities and provide endless hours of joy.”

TRACS can be reached at 250-763-8214 or tracs.bc@gmail.com.

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