Sponsor A Bunny

On this page you will find just a few of the many rabbits which were rescued off the streets of Kelowna where they faced certain death. With your help they made their way to one of our bunny sanctuaries where they are living happy lives with minimized safety risks and lots of room to exercise and socialize with one another.

How can your sponsorship help the bunnies?

Amount What it Buys Benefit
$5.00 Lettuce Feeds 10 bunnies their favorite food for 1 week
$8.00 1 Bale of Hay Provides important nutrients for 10 Bunnies for one month
$10.00 1 Bale of Straw Provides bedding and warmth for 10 Bunnies for one month
$15.00 1 Bag of Pellets Feeds 10 bunnies for 1 week
$20.00 1 Large Hutch Shelters 10 Bunnies year round from heat and cold
$35.00 1 visit to the Vet Eliminates pain and suffering
$250.00 Builds 1 Pen Provides security for 40 rabbits or 4 families

We have two ways to support the bunnies through our sponsorship program. You can sign up through PayPal – just pick any of the bunnies below and fill out the PayPal form – or you can pay by postdated cheque. Just fill out this bunny sponsorship form and mail it in to us along with your cheques.

Meet our Bunnies!

Charming Charming - A lop of the giant breed, she loves cuddles and nose rubs and binkies about. Read more
Franki Franki - Franki was born in one of our foster homes with her 3 siblings. Read more
Sponsor George George - George just showed up one day at the sanctuary and did not leave. Read more
Gracie-sponsored Gracie - Gracie is a calm beautiful soul. She came to us pregnant with 12 kits. Read more
Jelly Bean Jelly Bean - Rescued as a baby, Jelly Bean is now a thriving teen with lots of energy. Read more
Leroy Leroy - Leroy is a quiet, shy boy, but loves his snuggles from the volunteers. Read more
Lucky Lucky - A wee mini rabbit with a big personality, he will purr when you cuddle him. Read more
Milo-sponsored Milo - Milo is a mischievous little man and likes to box with the other bunnies. Read more
Mojo Mojo - He is the life of the party and is usually the first to the dinner bowl. Read more
Sponsor Pancake Pancake - Pancake is young, curious and full of personality and joy. Read more
Tina Tina - An older gal, she is now content to rest on her bed of straw in the sun. Read more
Sponsor Ziggy Ziggy - Ziggy is a shy wee guy, but once you convince him he loves his snuggles. Read more

New digs

Your donations helped build large pens for these bunnies who were spayed and neutered before being released into their new homes. In addition to shelter from both heat and cold, they have access to food, fresh water, and veterinary care.The maintenance costs for their care are substantial and ongoing.