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75 rabbits in need of new home

Article credit and link to original: Okanagan Sunday staff – Kelowna Daily Courier July 21, 2013 Remember those 800 rabbits that were taken off the streets of Kelowna in 2008 and are now living in sanctuaries? Well, 75 of them are in urgent need of a new permanent home. The Responsible Animal Care Society (TRACS),… Read more

Animal care society seeks home for 50 rabbits – Kelowna Capital News

Article credit and link to original: Wade-Patterson Kelowna Capital News Published July 26, 2012 It was tough to drive down Enterprise Way in 2008 without seeing tens—if not hundreds—of rabbits. Some liked the hopping animals but several businesses found them to be a nuisance. To save the creatures from being killed, The Responsible Animal Care… Read more

Kelowna’s rabbit population multiplies – CTV BC

Article credit and link to original: Published Friday, March 21, 2008 6:51PM PDT Residents in Kelowna are in disagreement over how to handle a surge in the rabbit population. Rabbits in the area are multiplying quickly and becoming a pest, according to some. Female rabbits give birth to as many as seven babies every… Read more

When Easter bunnies aren’t so cute – Globe and Mail

Article credit and link to original: Rod Mickleburgh – Globe and Mail – published March 18, 2008 Rarely now do cowboys ride the range lassoing stray doggies. The 21st century is a tamer time. These days, what animal roundups remain are more likely to pursue lesser targets. Like rabbits. In Kelowna on the weekend, several… Read more

Bunny conundrum: to kill or not to kill? – Kelowna Daily Courier

Article credit and link to original: Ron Seymour – Kelowna Daily Courier published March 18, 2008 All options for dealing with Kelowna‘s rabbit problem – including killing them – will be considered, but city councillors have a clear bias for trapping and relocating the wild bunnies. Council agreed unanimously Monday to invite societies and businesses… Read more