This web page is dedicated to countless innocent living beings, from mice to chimpanzees, who suffer behind the closed doors of torture chambers (laboratories) throughout the world. In the name of science, they are subjected to horrific abuses. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Testing on animals is not only inhumane; it is increasingly being shown, by modern medical experts, to be unreliable and unnecessary.

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Urgent News From PETA

June 2005 – PETA has conducted an undercover investigation of a nightmarish Covance drug-testing facility that exposed shocking abuses of monkeys by lab staff.

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The treatment of these animals is horrifically cruel, and our documentation makes it clear that the company violated the U.S. Animal Welfare Act.

This multinational corporate giant has recently filed suit against PETA.

The lawsuit is an attempt to shut us up by launching a smear campaign against us and the brave undercover investigator, Lisa Leitten, who risked her own safety and sanity to conduct this investigation.

With its enormous financial and political clout, Covance will stop at nothing to block us from telling the truth about its animal-testing practices. That is why we have spent more than $47,000 on a full-page ad in the June 9 New York Times. And we are pressing the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration to expedite their investigations into Covance. We must do everything humanly possible to let the world know that such atrocities still go on behind closed laboratory doors.

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It is critical as we face the challenge of this lawsuit even as we press forward with our campaign to expose and stop Covance’s cruelty.

With your support, we will prevail, and our case against abusive animal testing will grow even stronger as a result of our investigation and perseverance.

Mary Beth Sweetland
Senior Vice President
Research and Investigations Department

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